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RTG Online Casinos

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RTG Online Casino

RTG is one of the most flexible online funding websites that cater to consumer payments online. Because of their special focus on online consumer welfare in the field of the e-commerce industry, FirePay gives a wide range of services that ensure online shoppers that all their purchases of goods and services over the internet will be fast, reliable and secure wherever they are and wherever they are buying from.

RTG actually functions like your regular plastic debit card issued to you by any bank you have an account with. The only difference is that the card used a virtual one, that is, in place of a plastic card you have an online account that you can regularly fund with your bank account, making it prepaid and ready to use for your online shopping in the World Wide Web. What’s more is that this virtual debit card is constantly managed and monitored by the FirePay secure system, keeping your money safe where it belongs.

Furthermore, RTG protects its online consumers by taking into account merchants that support their payment methods for their consideration. This is because online merchants who sell products and goods over the internet with FirePay as one of their supported payment options are guaranteed to be accounted for and screened and evaluated for credibility and security. This means that all purchases made by FirePay consumers from their respective merchants are expected to be secure.

Benefits of RTG Online Casinos

Unlike most online e-payment solutions, opening an account with FirePay is completely charge free and easy. As a matter of fact, FirePay is clear that the only fee they charge their clients is the fee for funding their account with their bank accounts, while signing up or sending funds to anyone or even paying for your purchases are completely charge free. FirePay even clearly record all their charges to every client and display them in the consumer’s funding page whenever they make a transaction, making sure that the amount they are charged is the only one.

Not only are most FirePay transactions free, they are also instant. Clients don’t have to wait whenever they make deposits or send money to merchants as payment for goods and services – all their funds go straight to where they are supposed to go.

RTG transactions also save their clients from paying for credit card charges whenever the fund their FirePay accounts. This is because clients can fund their accounts directly with their bank accounts. And because FirePay systems validate bank accounts prior to any transactions with it, all transactions are sure to be successful so long as the funds are sufficient, reducing risks of transactions being rejected for menial reasons.

Also, everything in RTG online casino is based on real-time service. Whenever you send of receive money between your own account and some other funding source, you get them immediately the moment you approve the transaction. And whenever clients need help or have concerns, the FirePay customer support team is available 24/7. Definitely, FirePay is one of the best online e-payment solutions that empower online consumers worldwide.

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